Sony RX100 Book is Now In Stock at for Quick Shipment

As of today, Photographer’s Guide to the Sony DSC-RX100 is listed as “In Stock” at, and is available for quick shipment.  As I write this, Amazon says it actually has 18 copies in stock.  Before today, the book was often listed as “Temporarily Out of Stock” or “Usually Ships Within 5 to 8 Weeks,” so this is a big improvement in the book’s availability.

Of course, because of Amazon’s complicated ordering and restocking system for this sort of book (print-on-demand), the Sony RX100 book very well may be listed as Out of Stock again before too long.  In order to avoid having the book unavailable for any long period, I have shipped a supply of books to Amazon myself, to be sold through Amazon Marketplace (in the “New” listings under the main listing).  Those books should show up on the Amazon site by the end of this week under the White Knight Press seller name, and will have the notation “Fulfilled by Amazon,” meaning the books will ship from an Amazon warehouse, so they will qualify for Prime shipping and other quick shipping methods.

If you would like to purchase the Sony RX100 book from Amazon, or just take a look at its listing there, please click on the button below:

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