More on Availability of Sony DSC-RX100 II Book at

1937986187A few days ago I noted here that my newest book, Photographer’s Guide to the Sony DSC-RX100 II, was having availability problems at, and that the paperback version was listed there as available only through third-party sellers. The problem appeared to be solved earlier today when I first wrote this post, and the paperback version book was briefly listed as available again directly from Amazon for $25.95.  Not long after that, though, the book went back to being available only from third-party sellers. I hope to have some books available to ship myself within a few days. Until then, I will keep monitoring to see when Amazon finally gets the availability straightened out.

The paperback book also is available from Barnes & Noble and other online sellers, and in downloadable versions through this site and elsewhere. For details, please see the book’s main product page at this site.

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