Still Printing While Waiting for Copies from Tennessee

I had visions of sitting back and waiting for copies of the Leica D-Lux 4 book to be shipped to us here in Virginia from the Lightning Source facility in Tennessee, but I checked on their web site and it doesn’t look as if those copies will arrive for another week or more, given the holiday season volume of work and the normal turnaround time. In the future I’ll be able to order enough copies to have them in stock, and I won’t need very many probably, because Lightning Source will keep and other sellers supplied directly. For now, though, Clenise has gotten both Brother color laser printers fired up again and sending out streams of nice-looking pages to be bound into finished books.

Clenise went to Office Depot today and picked up eight more reams of laser printer paper to keep us in production. I’m trying to avoid buying any more toner, because of the expense and mess involved. I’m hoping we can use up the remaining toner so we get our money’s worth from it, and then go out of the printing business, at least for the time being.

I had actually thought we might be able to ease off more than we have, because it’s now so close to Christmas that I thought people would stop ordering books for a while. They aren’t ordering quite as many as before, but right now, on Tuesday night before Christmas, we have seven orders left to fill — five color books and two black-and-white. Maybe now the orders will slow down until after Christmas. My thinking is that some people will get the Leica D-Lux 4 camera for Christmas and want this book to help them learn how to use it; we’ll see in a few days. Hopefully by then the Lightning Source books will at least be on the way, so we won’t have to scramble to print more books.

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