The Elusive Goal of a Book that is Always "In Stock"

Well, the book about the Panasonic Lumix LX5 is still listed as “temporarily out of stock” on It seems to be unavailable on any of the various Amazon sites except, for some reason, in Canada, at  I have communicated with my representative at Lightning Source several times today, and she has been very helpful and responsive. I submitted a revised interior text file today, and they have already checked it and found it to look fine. They will put it into production as soon as possible, hopefully within a few days, though Thanksgiving will slow things down a bit. Then, maybe by next week, the book will show up as “available” and “in stock” again at Amazon.  At least I hope so.  Though, as far as I can tell, Amazon continues to take orders for the book, and will ship them out as soon as more books are printed.

Also, tomorrow I will be receiving a shipment of books that were printed recently, before the switchover to the new file.  (The books will look the same as before; the file change was just for a technical reason that doesn’t affect the appearance of the books.) So, I will fill orders as a third-party seller, for anyone who wants to order from me.  I have had one or two orders on and one order on so far; I realize many people prefer to order from Amazon directly; I’m like that myself, partly because of the very quick shipping with Amazon Prime.

So, stay tuned for further developments, but now I believe it will be anywhere from several days to a week or more before the LX5 book becomes fully “in stock” at

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