The “In Stock” Status for the LX5 and D-Lux 5 Books at Amazon Has Improved

There are new developments as of today at, which is now listing the books about the Panasonic Lumix LX5 and Leica D-Lux 5 cameras as “In Stock” and ready for immediate shipment.  Over the past several weeks, those books had almost always been listed as shipping “within 2-3 weeks,” which could be discouraging to those who wanted to get a book quickly.

Somewhat ironically, this week I shipped a fair number of the LX5  books to Amazon for the Fulfillment by Amazon program, just to make sure that they had books ready to ship quickly, sold through my seller name of alexstrawhite, rather than directly by Amazon.  So, the day my books arrived there (today) turned out to be the day that Amazon started listing the LX5 book as “In Stock,” making it unnecessary for me to sell that titlethrough my seller name.

I also sent them a shipment of the Canon PowerShot S95 books, though, which is a good thing, because, the last time I checked, Amazon is still listing that book as “Usually ships within 2 to 3 weeks.”

Anyway, I was encouraged to see that Amazon may have solved its problem of the long shipping times for these books, at least for 2 of the titles.  I hope they get the issue resolved for the PowerShot S95 book before too long.  Until they do, as of today I have a good number of books available through my Amazon Marketplace seller ID, for quick shipping and packing by Amazon.

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