Too Much of a Good Thing?

As of last night, Clenise and I felt as if we were really getting the book project under control. With the second printer and our added knowledge of how to tweak the printer settings, operate the binding machine and cutter, and assemble the books for shipping, we were producing the best-looking copies yet of the book.

Then I checked my e-mail this morning. There were 3 pending orders from individuals, which was great. Also, an e-mail from Amazon, saying we have a new Amazon Advantage order. Also sounds great. Then I opened the e-mail — Amazon has ordered 23 copies of the book! That may not sound like a lot, but to us, with our home-based print-on-demand operation, that is a fairly huge amount. But we like to rise to challenges. So, off to Office Depot this morning for two more high-capacity toner cartridges and 3 reams of premium color laser paper. The new printer has been humming away most of the day. I printed 50 new book covers this morning, so we won’t have to tie up the printer for covers in the near future. Earlier today Clenise bound 13 books in one session — a new record. And, they all look very good. The printer is still cranking out book pages, with only two new toner cartridges installed today — so far.

If the orders don’t increase too much today or tomorrow, we should be caught up, and be able to focus on what we were planning for today — to build up a little inventory of 20 or so books, so we can meet any demands as they come up.

Also, it ‘s worth noting that we received orders from two more countries today – France and Norway.

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