Trying to Get the Word Out; Making Some Sales

Today sales of the PDF version of the Panasonic Lumix LX5 book started out with a rush — 18 copies sold from the early morning hours up to early afternoon, Eastern U.S. time.  Then they stopped dead.  I haven’t figured that out.  It’s been about six hours now since a PDF copy of the book has sold. (I get notice for every PDF sale, unlike the case with paperbacks, which as of now are being sold only on Amazon.) I am using Google AdWords to publicize the book during Google searches, and it’s possible my account limit was reached, but I’m surprised that the PDF sales stopped so suddenly.  Anyway, 18 sales is still great, and they went to buyers in a good assortment of countries. Besides the U.S., buyers were from  Australia, Austria, Israel, Singapore, India, Switzerland, Italy, Greece, and the United Kingdom. I’m very glad that the book is going to such a wide variety of locations; it makes me feel more like a part of the international community!

Also, a few hours ago I made contact with the administrator of the Photo Rumors web site and he was nice enough to post an announcement about the LX5 book, and to run a contest, giving away a copy of the book to someone who posts a comment on the site and later gets randomly selected. Here is a link to the Photo Rumors page:

Otherwise, not much has changed. I’ll be receiving my printed copies of the books tomorrow, and will send some out to those who commented on an early draft and to potential reviewers. I’m also ordering some copies to be sold by, an excellent online seller of photography books, located in Oregon.

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