Video Showing Setup for High-Speed Images of Gunshots with Sony RX100 Camera

Recently I posted some high-speed images I took with the Sony DSC-RX100 camera of the impacts of shots from an airsoft BB gun. I thought it would be interesting to make a video that shows how these images were captured, so I put together a sequence that shows how the various pieces of equipment were set up. Here is the video, as posted today on YouTube:

That probably wraps up my experiments with gunshot photos for now, because I need to take everything apart and reclaim the space for other projects. I will be turning my attention to a book about the new camera coming from Sony within a couple of weeks, the RX100 II (also known as the RX100M2).

3 thoughts on “Video Showing Setup for High-Speed Images of Gunshots with Sony RX100 Camera

  1. Erik

    Why was the stop shot apparatus necessary? Since you manually triggered the RX100, coudn’t the RX100 flash trigger the speedlte?

    1. Alex White Post author

      Yes, the RX100 flash could trigger the speedlight, but I wouldn’t be able to press the shutter at the right time. I guess with many tries I might be able to capture the image at the right instant, but I imagine it would be a very frustrating experience. Also, it wouldn’t be a great idea for me to be located downrange of the gun, even though it’s just firing a BB. Also, as I think about it, I think there would be too much delay from pressing the shutter and waiting for one flash to trigger the other.


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