What Happened to the LX5 Book on Amazon.co.uk?

A little while ago I posted information about the seller on Amazon.co.uk who was listing the Lumix LX5 book as “Used” but actually selling new copies at a reasonable price.  Well, I just went there to check again, and that seller’s books have disappeared!  I don’t have any idea why, but now the only sellers that are listed have it on sale for more than 1,000 pounds again!

So, one solution I can offer to those in the UK who want to buy the paperback version of the LX5 book is to choose one of the U.S. sellers on Amazon.com, some of whom will ship internationally. Another option is to order the book from http://www.camerabooks.com, an excellent business located in Oregon that specializes in photography books.  They will be receiving a shipment of the LX5 book tomorrow, November 17, and they are very good at shipping books internationally with reasonable shipping rates.

I’m still hoping that the various Amazons will soon settle down to having this book available more widely and at reasonable prices, but I have no control over that process, and obviously it will take a while — probably another week or more.

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