White Knight Press Now Has Some Sony RX100 Books in Stock

Today I received my first shipment of copies of Photographer’s Guide to the Sony DSC-RX100 from the printer.  Some of them went out to the people who provided great assistance in commenting on a draft of the book, and some are on their way to camerabooks.com, an excellent online seller of photography books.

The others have been listed for sale at Amazon.com, through Amazon Marketplace.  My seller name there used to be alexstrawhite, based on my name, but I changed it today to White Knight Press, which makes more sense for selling books.

I am listing the books this way because the book is not showing up as “In Stock” at Amazon.com, for technical reasons having to do with their ordering system.  I hope that situation will change, but, until it does, I’m offering the books for sale through this method so buyers can be sure of getting fast shipment.  I always ship a book out the next business day after receiving an order, barring some unusual problem.

You can find my copies at the product page for the RX100 book, which you can get to by clicking the button below:

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