White Knight Press Now Offers Discounted Bundled Ebooks through BitLit App

I’m happy to announce that White Knight Press has signed on with BitLit to offer bundled ebook versions of our paperback camera guide books at a discounted price. BitLit is an app for the iPhone or Android phones. With the app, you take a picture of the cover of a printed book, and, if the book’s publisher has signed up with BitLit, you can then receive a discounted ebook for that title.

This setup is similar to the Kindle MatchBook program offered by Amazon.com, which lets you purchase a discounted copy of a Kindle book if you have previously purchased a printed copy of that book from Amazon. The difference with BitLit is that it is not limited to Kindle books; you can also get a discounted PDF or ePub. (The ePub format is what is used with most e-readers other than Kindle, including Nook, iPad, and Kobo.) Also, of course, this system is not limited to books you bought through Amazon.

For White Knight Press books, the discounted price is $2.99. Here is a graphic provided by BitLit that shows how their system works:


As you can see from the graphic, you use your smartphone to take a picture of the book’s cover to find if that book is available through BitLit. If it is, you need to print your name in capital letters on the book’s title page to show that you own the book. BitLit will then send you the ebook upon payment of the discounted price. (White Knight Press is offering its camera guide books at $2.99, a substantial discount from the normal price of $9.99, and the same price that is used for these books in the Kindle MatchBook program.)

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