First Try at Super Slow Motion Movie with PowerShot S100

Earlier today I finished the final files for the new book about the Canon PowerShot S100, with major assistance from my wife, Clenise, who did a tremendous job editing and proofreading the final version.  Now that the files have gone to the printer, there is more time to play around with the camera.

While writing the book I learned about the Super Slow Motion  feature in theory, but did not get much chance to experiment with it.  With its highest setting, you can slow down action by a factor of eight, which I imagine would be great for analyzing a golf or baseball swing, and for lots of other practical applications. For now, I just wanted to try a quick test to get some footage up on this web site, in case that might be of interest or helpful to people who are considering whether to buy the PowerShot S100.

I couldn’t come up with a very scenic or artistic subject for this first attempt; I just threw a set of jacks up in the air and did a super-slow video of them falling back down and bouncing around.  I will see if I can figure out a better subject for future attempts, though I probably will be working with other features of this camera (and other cameras), so I may not have too many other slo-mo movies here.

Anyway, click on the link below to see this first, fairly primitive attempt:

Jacks Falling Super Slow Motion

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