Fujifilm X10 Camera’s High-Speed Video Modes

The Fujifilm X10 camera is primarily designed for still photography, but, like most cameras in its class, it comes with some video capabilities, and it includes three high-speed video modes, which I will demonstrate here.  (The X10 also has some excellent normal-speed video modes that produce Full High-Definition (HD) or standard HD video, but I’m not discussing those here; I posted a demonstration of HD video on the X10 a while ago.)

The three HS video modes work by having the camera speed up the frame rate (number of frames taken per second) on the X10.  The standard frame rate is 30 fps.  For the first HS mode, the camera speeds up the recording to 70 fps, or more than twice normal speed.  So, when video recorded in this mode is played back, it plays back at less than half normal speed.

The second mode, HS 120 fps, records at 4 times normal speed and plays back at 1/4 speed.  Finally, the third mode, HS 200 fps, records at more than 6 times normal speed and plays back at less than 1/6 normal speed.

The first mode, 70 fps, is recorded at 640 X 480 pixels, the 120 fps mode is at 320 X 240, and the 200 fps mode is at a very small and low-quality aspect ration of 320 X 112.  There is no sound recorded with any of these video modes.

If you would like to see a demonstration of these three modes, please check out this video that I have posted at YouTube.  I added a voiceover sound track to explain the video, but, of course, that sound was added in editing software, because no sound is recorded by the camera in these mode.

I am currently working on my guide book to the operation of the X10, Photographer’s Guide to the Fujifilm X10.  I hope to have it completed and available by April.

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  1. Jacob Reinholdt

    Hi Alex
    I am the owner of a X10 and I could really use a guide to the camera. How is your work going?


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