Nikon Releases Firmware 1.1 Update for Coolpix P610 Camera

Nikon has just released an update to the firmware for the Coolpix P610 camera. This update does not provide any new features; according to Nikon, it addresses problems that can arise with the P610 in two situations.

First, in “rare circumstances,” when you use the eye sensor to switch between using the LCD screen and using the electronic viewfinder, images would not be displayed or saved properly, or the camera would freeze up and need to be rebooted.

Second, the update addresses an issue with manual focus, whereby the focus position would change from one shot to the next when you use the interval timer function of the Continuous menu option.

I had not experienced either of these issues with my camera, but I went ahead and installed the firmware update, because I believe it is a good idea to have the latest version. It installed and worked with no problem.

Here is a link to the page where you can select your computer operating system and download the update. Instructions for installing the update are also included at that page.

For general information about the Coolpix P610 camera, see the White Knight Press guide for that model, Photographer’s Guide to the Nikon Coolpix P610.

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