Sony Releases Firmware Update Version 1.20 for RX100 IV and RX10 II Cameras

I just learned that Sony has released a firmware upgrade to Version 1.20 for both the RX100 IV and RX10 II camera models, which are quite similar in their menu options and operation. The upgrade provides the same change for both cameras. According to Sony, the purpose of the new firmware version is to “improve a focus shift condition with HFR (High Frame Rate) recording.” That problem evidently is the one discussed in this thread at the forums.

That is all the upgrade is designed to do, so, if you don’t use HFR recording (super-slow-motion video recording), you may not need the new firmware. However, I always install new firmware versions as they become available, and it probably is a good idea to install this one as well.

To get the new version for the RX100 IV, you can go to this link at Sony’s support site. You then have to select your computer’s operating system to get to the page with the file to download and the instructions for installing the update. Here is a link to the similar page for the RX10 II.

2 thoughts on “Sony Releases Firmware Update Version 1.20 for RX100 IV and RX10 II Cameras

  1. Laurence

    Mr. White, I could not find the answer in your Sony RX 100 IV, so here goes. I printed several photos at public place, and days later when I tried to show someone the same images on the camera, this is what appeared: ? Unable to Display.
    Would you know what happened and is it possible to bring those same pictures back to the camera?
    Thank you, Laurence

    1. Alex White Post author

      Hello, Laurence – I believe this happens when images from the card have been downloaded to a computer, or possibly, as in your case, printed. You might want to try using the Recover Image DB option on screen 5 of the Setup menu; it might help. Also, I found the following information through a search for “unable to display” online:

      “It may be possible to recover deleted pictures or data from your SD card by using the Memory Card File Rescue 3D software. This software is available as a free download online in the Software & Drivers section. [Look for this at]

      If the Memory Card File Rescue is unable to recover your files, then the SD card may need to be sent to a professional data recovery service company, like Sony Media Services or DriveSavers Data Recovery. For more information and pricing, visit the Sony Media Services Web site at, or the DriveSavers Data Recovery Web site at

      NOTE: Sony is not responsible for any data loss or any cost incurred from the recovery of data.”

      I hope some of this information helps with the issue.

      — Alex White, White Knight Press


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