Sony Has Released Version 1.01 Firmware Upgrade for DSC-RX100 V Camera

Sony has just released an update to the firmware for the RX100 V camera, to Version 1.01. This is not a major upgrade in terms of adding any new features, but Sony says that it improves the overall “stability of the camera” and makes improvements to correct a situation whereby the camera sometimes would not power on “after making certain setting changes.” I had not experienced any problems with my camera, but I went ahead and installed the firmware upgrade, because it sounds like a good idea to do so. The upgrade did not cause me any problems. Here is a link to a page where Sony provides the downloadable file for the upgrade as well as instructions: (You have to select your computer’s operating system, and the Sony website will then provide you with the appropriate download links.)

2 thoughts on “Sony Has Released Version 1.01 Firmware Upgrade for DSC-RX100 V Camera

  1. e_the_blue

    My RX100 V battery loses some charge over a period of days – even when not switched on. Also: charge indicator shows 1 bar more charge if switched on for viewing photos in memory than when switched on for shooting. I owned a RX100 II for three years with no such problem. Distressing. Any similar experiences out there?


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