Fujifilm X10 Firmware Upgrade Version 1.03 Has Been Released

Today, Fujifilm released the much-anticipated upgrade to the firmware of its X10 compact digital camera to version 1.03, from the existing version 1.02.  Many users of this camera have been waiting for the upgrade, which is intended in part to address the problem of “orbs,” or unusually large white highlights that appear in images under certain conditions.  But the upgrade also adds or enhances other features, notably giving you the ability to assign a function of your choice to the RAW button on the back of the camera.  For the complete list of new features added by the upgrade, here is a link to the X10 firmware upgrade page at the Fujifilm site.  You also can get access to the link to the actual firmware download at that address.

I am continuing to work on Photographer’s Guide to the Fujifilm X10, which I hope will be published in April.

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