Sony Releases Firmware Update 1.10 for DSC-RX100 III Camera

Sony has just released an update of the firmware for the DSC-RX100 III camera, also referred to as the DSC-RX100M3. This update, which is numbered Version 1.10, does not add any new features or make any major changes to the way the camera operates; according to Sony, the update “resolves an issue where the camera may not power on in certain situations.”

Also, the update appears to address an issue with the use of the Soft Skin Effect option when recording video. With the original firmware release, when recording video in Intelligent Auto mode with Face Detection turned on, the camera activated the Soft Skin Effect setting and you could not turn it off. Many users found it undesirable to have that effect turned on, and they found it difficult to achieve good autofocus on faces with Face Detection turned off. With the firmware update, it is now possible to have Face Detection turned on but Soft Skin Effect turned off, when recording video in Intelligent Auto mode. I have not found a huge difference in the actual appearance of videos shot after this update, but that may just be because of the particular conditions I was shooting under. In any event, you now have the option of turning Soft Skin Effect off, which gives you more flexibility in your settings for recording video.

I installed the update using my Macintosh computer; the process took about 15 minutes. When the process was finished, I checked the Version item on screen 6 of the Setup menu, which confirmed that the camera now had Version 1.10 installed, instead of the original Version 1.00. I have not noticed any changes in the operation of the camera, but I’m always glad to have the latest version of the firmware installed.

To get the update, you can visit Sony’s site at and search for the camera’s model number, DSCRX100M3.  Here is a link to the page where I found the update.

You need to be careful to follow the instructions carefully, by, for example, having a fully-charged battery in the camera, removing the memory card, and connecting the camera to the computer using the Sony USB cable when prompted by the firmware updating software.

For general information about the RX100 III camera, see my book, Photographer’s Guide to the Sony DSC-RX100 III, available through this site and various online sellers.


3 thoughts on “Sony Releases Firmware Update 1.10 for DSC-RX100 III Camera

  1. Matthew Robbins

    Your book is very helpful. Thank you. Quick question: my MacBook Air cannot “see” the RX100 III even when connected with the supplied Sony USB cable. Is this because it’s running OS X 10.10.1 (Yosemite)?

    1. Alex White Post author

      I just connected my RX100 III with the USB cable to my Mac desktop computer, which is running Yosemite, and PlayMemories Home Importer found the camera and its images with no problem. However, I did find that I could not upgrade the camera’s firmware using my Mac, apparently because the firmware upgrade program was not compatible with Yosemite. So, depending on what software you are using, that could be an issue.

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